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Your chief instructor has made over 19000 skydives since beginning his career in 1979. Along the way he has gained extensive international experience training first jumpers up to seasoned professionals preparing for world competition. He has also trained elite military and civilian demonstration teams. All this experience is reflected on the systems and management of Eden North parachute centre that you now get to be a part of. Western Canada’s top rated skydive training centre. Eden North has successfully graduated more licensed jumpers than all the rest of the jump zones in Alberta combined. A little history… Member of the Plaid Jackets Formation Parachute Team – 1987 to 2008 Owner Eden North Parachute Schools -1989 to present Organizer the Canadian Invasion of Skydive Arizona 1993 to 2013 Training Cadre for the Canadian Forces Skyhawks 1993 to 2011 Member of the World Team 2013-2014 World Record Holder 100 way canopy formation 2007 – still stands.

222 way multiple point world record attempts


40 way sequential


100Way World Record

100 way edited print copy


Member of Canopy Formation World Team performing 25 way diamonds at premier airshows in China

0 Bruno Brokken-79240 Bruno Brokken-76100 Bruno Brokken-8292

The World Team in China

Bruno Brokken-4431-2

The crowds reaching over 100,000 along a mountain side viewing area

Bruno Brokken-4634

Light me up – A member of the Chinese demonstration team with his used ordinance.

Bruno Brokken-4748

 Fun landings amongst the balloons at take off

Bruno Brokken-8322


Lyal Waddell, a member of the Skyhawks training Cadre for 19 years introducing many first time acrobatic formations.  An honor to work with esteemed members of the Canadian Armed Forces.


Lyal Waddell – Still averaging over 400 jumps a year

The Plaid Jackets Parachute Team.  

Canadian Nationals Champions for 2 decades. 

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