Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about us or skydiving in general? We’ve created a handy list of the most common questions.

If you can’t find your question below, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.


What if I come out, go through the training and decide not to jump?

For a tandem skydive if you go through the training and decide not to jump, you will be refunded less the $50 deposit. Once you have boarded the plane, the entire amount is non-refundable.

What is the reservation No Show/Cancellation policy?

The $50 deposit is not refundable. If you are unable to make your reservation, please call us at 780 489-9000 at least 72 hours prior to your reservation to reschedule. With at least three days advanced notification your deposit will be held for up to one year to reschedule your reservation. If you do not contact us at least three days prior to the day of your reservation, or do not show up, you will forfeit your $50 deposit.

What should I wear?

You should dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing, bring layers and wear lace-up shoes. No hiking boots, heels, flip flops or sandals please!

What about my glasses/contacts?

We supply goggles that protect your eyes, glasses and contacts. We also provide straps to make sure your glasses stay where they should, so you can spend your time fully enjoying the view.

Can I jump again the same day if I like it?

Yes. Eden North Parachute Schools has a special offer for your second tandem. After your tandem jump, you’ll receive a coupon for $30 off your next jump. You can use it the same day, or save it and use it for up to one month later.

Can I bring my friends and family to watch?

Definitely YES! We have so much to do here at Eden North, bring everyone! We have soccer, golf cages, basketball and so much more! We also have an excellent observation and picnic area with a skydiver lounge for viewing your skydive video and getting together after your dive.

How long is the first tandem jump training?

The class is about 20 minutes. Prior to the jump your Instructor will walk you through the training again.

What happens if the weather prevents us from jumping during our reservation?

If you show up and the weather or other conditions do not permit skydiving on the date and time you booked, you may reschedule your reservation for a later date without losing your deposit. We highly recommend calling us the day of your scheduled jump to confirm conditions are favourable for jumping. Alberta weather is hard to predict!

Can I jump by myself the first time?

We require all students to complete a qualification tandem skydive, with ground school, prior to enrolling in our advanced freefall program which takes you to the solo jump level. See our Jump Eden program for more details!

Is there a weight limit?

Men 230 lbs max – Women 210 lbs max.


What happens if the parachute doesn’t open?

Although it is unlikely that your main parachute will fail to open properly, it does sometimes occur and this is a common question. According to federal law, every jumper must be equipped with a main and a reserve parachute. In addition, all Eden North’s equipment are equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD), which will automatically activate the reserve parachute should the jumpers be unable to.

What kind of parachute will we use?

The parachutes used today bear little resemblance to the classic round parachutes of years past. Today, nearly all jumpers use “ram-air” parachutes. These are rectangular in shape and, when open, act like an airplane wing. They are more like gliders than umbrellas. The aerodynamics of the parachute provides it with exceptional manoeuvrability, allowing the jumper to land almost anywhere he/she wishes. This wing shape is also what makes the tiptoe soft landings possible.  Eden North uses all Sigma Tandem Harness Systems. These systems are top of the line and the best in the industry.

What if I love it and I want to continue skydiving?

Check out the Jump Eden program for real excitement! If you thought the tandem was good, try this!

What’s the landing like?

Most landings are quite soft, with most people doing a soft sliding sit-down landing. Under certain conditions and at the discretion of the Instructor, some people make a gentle stand-up landing.

How fast do you fall?

Terminal velocity of a tandem is approximately 120 miles per hour.

What will the skydive feel like?

It is unlike anything in this world. The sensation of freefall is more like flying than falling, and is intensely exciting and liberating. The canopy flight is peaceful and relaxing. First time jumpers often describe it as nothing they ever could have expected!

Is skydiving safe?

Skydiving is like any other extreme sport: there are inherent risks that require careful training and execution. Failure to follow that training can lead to serious injury or death. Skydiving is as safe as the individual(s) make it. The equipment has improved considerably over the old-style round parachute and is so reliable that, when used properly, skydiving can be as safe or safer than any other extreme sport.

Photos & Video

Can we get one video for our whole group?

No, the time/distance gap between jumper exits preclude a camera person from being able to film more than one student at a time.

Can I get a video or photographs of my jump?

Yes. Eden North operates a freefall cinematography business right here on site. We can provide you with videos that have been edited to music and include a pre-jump interview. We also provide high definition digital stills of your skydive.

Can I bring my own camera with me on the jump?

No, you are much too busy with your skydive to look after your cameras. It very easily may get lost or broken and we cannot risk dropping it in freefall or under parachute.  Even experienced jumpers require 200 jumps prior to wearing any type of camera system.


Are there any physical requirements?

As with any sport, the better shape you are in the easier it will be and the more fun you’ll have. However, we’ve taken people with many different disabilities. We have some of the most experienced tandem instructors at Skydive Eden North. If you have a special requirement, call us! We can make your dream of flight come true! If you have a special medical concern, please contact your doctor.

Is there a weight restriction?

Yes. For safety purposes jumpers must weigh less than 230 lbs for men with no exceptions and 210 lbs. for women with some exceptions depending on height weight ratio. Weight will be verified. In very rare circumstances it may be unsafe to take a passenger even if under the weight limit if the harness doesn’t fit correctly. Our Instructors make the final determination to keep everyone safe.

Is there an age restriction?

There is no maximum age but you must be at least 16 years of age with parental consent for a Tandem Skydive. You must be 18 years of age for a Solo Skydive. There are no exceptions to this rule. A valid photo ID (drivers license, provincial ID, or passport) and Alberta Health Care or equivalent is required to sign up for the class. If you do not have an ID, you will not jump.

Can my family and friends come and watch?

Of course they can!  Skydive Eden North is a great place to spend a nice afternoon.  The spectator area has picnic tables and shade trees in full view of the landing area.  Your family and friends will be able to watch you land in comfort.